Warma homes fuels a family business for over 20 years, we started in a very small way of packing just a few bags per day for the local shops and garages. Demand began to grow as customers realised the potential and value of Kiln dried wood, its extra length of burn and heat output and consistency particularly for new highly efficient wood burning stoves. 
We have continued to supply many retail outlets across the UK, including Stove retailers, farm shops, garden centres and many other independent suppliers of wood based fuels, with a range of well packaged summer and winter fuels and affiliated products. Please see attached a list of our UK stockists why don’t you get in touch to discover more of Warma home fuels range of range. 
We supply many delivery options, many of our retailers take simple mixed pallets of stock from across our range of goods but can also supply full 26 pallet loads of one line. 
In everything we manufacture and distribute Quality has remained the key driver, we were one of the original distributors of Kiln dried wood in Britain because we know that efficient burning needs quality well dried firewood. 
Today our factory can produce up to 10,000 packs of wood fuel per day, our warehouse and distribution centre can hold many thousands of pallets ready for distribution when demand is at its highest. 
Parcels to pallets the demands for kiln dried wood continues to grow as wood burning stove sales continue to develop in the UK as more and more family homes recognise the importance of wood burning .From a cheaper heat source than traditional heating methods, a free cooker for the family meal on top of the stove and the kettle is always ready. The humble wood burner has become a great family focal point for the home, burning the correct wood on a correct stove giving you a more ecological way to heat your home. 
In the last few years concerns have been raised about the amount of PM2.5 created by wood burners in the home, but thank fully recent new evidence created by Imperial Collage in London suggests using correct wood on a correct applience will be better for the air in your home than many other domestic kitchen appliances which are producing significantly more PM 2.5 in their normal operation than a wood burner so you can be assured your wood burner if used properly will make a positive difference for your family home. 
As a family business we are proud of the Warma home fuels brand, our journey to make our business as efficient and ecologically sound as possible has been very important to us, every aspect of manufacturing and distribution is monitored closely to look for best green options so that what you will receive in one of our boxes or bags you can rest assured will have been created in most efficient systems possible so that we can all press towards greener more sustainable future. 
Thank you for choosing a Warma home fuels product, your business is appreciated. 








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